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What exactly is the significance of Shradh? Tonight, we will hear from a Raja Yoga teacher who specialises in the spiritual significance behind celebrating festivals in India.
Speaker : Sister Usha, Mount Abu, India
Sister Usha Naik has been with Brahma Kumaris since 1974, implementing the spiritual teachings and practical meditation. She is presently based at the Headquarters of Brahma Kumaris in Mount Abu, Rajasthan as a Raj Yoga Meditation teacher, Management Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Counsellor, an author and a TV personality.
Sister Usha has done research on the great epics of India - "Ramayana" and "Bhagwad Gita" and her guidance encourages people to overcome mental stress, anxiety, addiction and low self- esteem. Her lectures are on YouTube and TV in Hindi and English.
Sister Usha has been awarded with the 'Hall of Fame' award by the Public Relations Council of India in 2012, and was invited by the Thailand government to be awarded with the 'Moral Award 2019' and a Peace Medal. She has recently been awarded and honoured in Los Angeles, USA in September 2019 with the prestigious G.O.D award - The Global Order of Dignitaries by the Princess of Philippines and honoured as Ambassador of Spiritual Awareness.
She continues to be a friend, philosopher and guide for many around the world.

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